New Shopping Carts

We carry a variety of metal and plastic shopping carts by several different manufacturers.

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Our metal grocery Shopping carts feature:

  • Weld 'N 'Wrap Construction: double strength and protection
  • Uni-Glide baby gate for smooth operation
  • Anti-stress Base: Formed tube for increased strength
  • Long Life Protective Shine: Powder coated finish

We also offer Plastic shopping carts

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  • The HDPE shopping basket is tough and will not rust
  • Plastic shopping carts are lighter and easier to maneuver
  • Plastic shopping carts cause less damage to fixtures and equipment
  • Plastic colors to compliment your store
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Double basket shopping carts

We now carry a line of double basket shopping carts. These carts are great for small stores or even large stores. They provide an easy cart for your customers who are only "picking up a few things".

Reconditioned shopping carts:

  • We acquire used grocery carts from various sources around the country. We then clean, service, and refinish the shopping carts and equip them to match your needs. We have several models available to equip your store.

shopping cart Service:

  • Carriage Trade Service has been the leader in on-site supermarket shopping cart maintenance since 1958. We developed many of the repair techniques that are used in the industry today. Our twice annual service and safety inspections, at YOUR location, provide your retail operation with properly operating presentable carriages your customers will appreciate.

General cleaning and repair

  • While at your store cleaning your grocery carts we can also clean and repair your backroom equipment, bakery and produce racks, we can even clean your sidewalks.

Specialty Products:

These are just a few of the many specialty products we carry.  Please call if you don't see what you are looking for!

Child Seat belt

shopping cart safety straps




Plastic Hand Baskets

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U-Boats & stock trucks

u boat stock truck

Friction Wheels

friction wheel



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