Shopping Carts For Sale

New and Refurbished, Metal and Plastic

Picture of nested plastic shopping carts

Carriage Trade carries a variety of both new and refurbished shopping carts as well as metal and plastic shopping carts. Our metal carts feature E-coated tubes and wire for added longevity and sturdiness. Our powder coating provides a strong seal that also protects the carts from rusting and keeps the weld point from premature aging. Wwe also carry a unique line of E-carts that are the most modern on the market. These E-carts are characterized by flat tubular frames which provide tremendous strength and rigidness for added capacity. Another feature of the E-carts is the modern design of the baskets. This curved look is great for branding and style.

Our Plastic shopping carts are unique to the industry. Our V-series basket feature an oval pattern that makes these carts stand out in the market. They come in a variety of colors and styles. Our premier model two tier plastic shopping cart features two full sized baskets with plastic gates and and extra basket in the back. I think this is the quietest cart on the market. There are no metal parts to bang against each other. The color choice allows you to match your stores branding

Our refurbished shopping carts now come in an assortment of grades. We carry Re-coated shopping carts that have been sand-blasted to bare metal and are then powder coated to factory spec and have all new wheels, handles, seats, seat belts and bumpers. Level 1 is the same thing except the carts are just cleaned and painted, not powder coated. Our level 2 carts are like level 1 except that the wheels are only replaced as needed and the good handles and seats are recycled onto these carts.