Cart Corrals

Keep your parking lot organized

Picture of cart corral

Cart corrals come in different shapes, sizes, colors, materials....Ours is the best. Strong talk but we find that our shopping cart corrals outlast our competitors' and withstand the daily abuse of cars, shopping carts, and the environment.

Reduce car damage claims by giving your customers a place to return their grocery carts. A cart corral keeps more of your carriages close to the store for easy customer access. Partially assembled cart corrals for easy shipping.

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Cart Corrals will...

  • Help Reduce auto damage claims
  • Provide a convenient place for customers to return carts.
  • Reduce shopping cart loss
  • Reduce grocery cart damage
  • Reduce labor costs for collecting grocery carts
  • Provide more available parking spaces during peak times

Cart Corral Features

  • Our cart corrals are modular in design
  • Slip joint connections
  • Unique torsion relief back bar
  • High rise weather resistant silk screened aluminum sign
  • Galvanized finish
  • Welded seams and joints
  • Large legible signs